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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I expect it to hurt?

  • As a trained reflexologist, I can assure you that it will never hurt.  During the session, I will use pressure to produce a “good hurt” while often checking in to see if you need more or less pressure provided.


What if I am ticklish?

  • People who are ticklish often find that by session 2, they are able to withstand a full session without noticing this sensation.  The body will build up a tolerance for this treatment and there will always be an open discussion for what is needed to make you more comfortable.  


What if I am not comfortable with people touching my feet?

  • I have also been trained in hand reflexology and the same reflexes that are mapped in the feet are also in the hands. You can always start with a hands only session. 


Do I need a manicure or pedicure?

  •  This is a personal preference.  There will be a foot soak with antimicrobial properties.

        The feet tell an amazing story and each person has a unique one!


When should I expect to see the benefits of reflexology?

  • Some clients experience results during or immediately after a session, while it may take longer for other clients to notice the benefits of a session.  This is influenced by how long the reflex has been congested and/or the personality of the client.  Are you more sensitive and flexible or are you more rigid and tough? Either way, your body will always benefit from a reflexology session.  


How many visits do I need and why? 

  • Each client is unique and a personal recommendation will be made for you.  The goal is to return your body to a balanced state that will remain that way for longer amounts of time between visits.

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me via cell, text, or email and it will be my pleasure to discuss them with you!

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