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Foot Reflexology $65
Includes a relaxing and sanitizing foot soak and a 1-hour foot reflexology session to help restore, rebalance, and replenish the physical body as well as the emotional body. 
Hand Reflexology $45
The entire body is also mapped on the hands! Combine this treatment with a foot session for total relaxation (1.5 hr session) or can be used alone (30 min session) to achieve the same full-body benefits of reflexology. 
*Hand & Foot Combo $100 
Bach Flower Blends $15
Customized Bach Flower blends to help restore emotional well-being.  Create your own blend or allow me to prepare your very own floral blend.
*If you experience emotions such as anger, resentment, anxiety, and grief just to name a few, these drops will help bring back joy, calmness, and allow you to cope with life challenges.


Tranquil water fountain with lavender hugh
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