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Welcome to Solistic Healing!

        My name is Courtney McCoggle and I am excited that you have taken the time to learn about me and how you can benefit from reflexology.  I am a Detroit native, a Registered Nurse (9+ years of experience), and a mother of 4 who enjoys spending time with her family. I enjoy dancing, being silly, belly laughs, tea, learning new things and just going with the flow. I'm learning to live a simple yet fulfilling life. With a background in biology, I entered into the nursing field which led me along my reflexology path.

        My mission at Solistic Healing is to help you detach from your busy schedule and pour back into yourself, even if it's for one hour.  I am here to show you that it is okay to put your feet up while taking care of your body because we often work until stress and tension manifest in the body as pain.  Let's normalize keeping our bodies in a relaxed and balanced state. Reflexology can help calm the overactive mind while also relieving any discomforts within the body.

        As stress and tension builds up within the body, it is reflected in the feet as inflammation or "congested” reflexes in the tissue. Reflexology is a science that studies the reflexes in our hands and feet that correspond to every gland, organ, and other part of the body. The thumb is used to apply pressure to the inflamed areas and toxins (uric acid) are released which the body can then excrete.  This improves nerve supply, circulation, aids in sleep, relieves tension, restores balance to the body, and can also aid in pain relief.

        The body is one amazing machine that is sometimes neglected because of its self-repairing mechanism-but after so long, the body will require maintenance. 

        My sessions here at Solistic Healing will help to support you beyond simple maintenance and allow you to discover (remember) that your body and mind can heal through a touch of the sole.  Schedule your appointment today, I can't wait to meet you and help you on your path to healing through your sole!

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