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"I must admit I am not a fan of foot massages but I'm all in when it comes to holistic health and healing. During my first session I wasn't sure what to expect. However, Courtney with her professionalism along with being very personable and in tune with my overall physical health, she pin pointed everything without me saying anything just by performing reflexology. The body is an amazing vessel and I never knew that your feet can tell your health story. Given the stressful time we all living in, I recommend getting a session or two done at least once a month. To calm anxiety, reduce stress and headaches. I can go on and on but you have to try it for yourself. Thank you Courtney for doing what you do...Healing the sole."


R. S. 

"I had a reflexology appt with Courtney RN on 6/30/21 because I was having terrible lower back and hip pain which had me limping and really hurting upon standing from a seated or laying down position.  The next day I noticed I could get out of bed easier and my walking was so much better, and my hip wasn't hurting as much.

I called her on 7/1/21 and informed her that the treatment really helped and that I would like to have it done more often.  I would recommend her highly because she knows just how to make your aches and pains more bearable.

Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to our next appointment."



I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Courtney McCoggle for reflexology. I never have experienced it but decided to give it a try it for my discomforts.  I didn't know the feet could control a lot of different ailments, and by looking at them and doing a pressure touch and rub she asked me about some of my discomforts before I even told her by assessing my feet.  After the treatment was over my feet felt like new feet and my body felt rested. Later on, that evening, I felt movements and gurgling in my stomach.  One of my symptoms was digestive issues with constipation. I tell you when I went to the restroom, i was finally able to go. I've gone 3-4 times in the last 24 hours and what a relief.  My side pain is much better, and I just feel so much better.

I will continue with the treatments because it has made a believer out of me. 

.E. 2/7/2022

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